The Danish Public No Longer Believe In Evolution

According to the results of a survey on the web site of the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet, which has a readership of 800,000, “The Danes no longer believe in evolution.” Asked “Do you think that humans are descended from apes?” 88% of the Danish public responded “No.”

The report accompanying the survey also analyzed the impact of Atlas of Creation. In it, the professor of the history of ideas Peter C. Kjærgaard is said to “be fearful that people will be influenced by Atlas of Creation’s showy pages and be convinced with regard to rejecting Darwinism.” Elsewhere, the report refers to Professor Kjærgaard’s concerns regarding the collapse of Darwinism in his words, “it seems like we are to be displaced.”

With Atlas of Creation’s exposure of the lie of evolution, the Danish professor’s fears have become a reality, as can be seen from the survey results. According to the report, “a poll conducted last year showed that 80% of Danes believed in Darwin’s theory.” Following the reading of Atlas of Creation by large numbers of people in 2007, however, that level has reversed significantly.

The report accompanying the poll on the Ekstra Bladet web site also contained the following remarks, under the title “An Islamist Sends Free Gifts to High Schools”:
A 6-kilo book rejecting Darwinism has been dispatched to many Danish high schools. One recipient is Thorkild Laustsen, a biology teacher.

The Atlas states that Darwinism is responsible for Nazism and communism. This 6-kilo message from Muslims in Turkey has been sent to a large number of high school teachers in Denmark, such as biology teacher Thorkild Laustsen from the Horsens High School. Laustsen saw that there were eight copies of Atlas of Creation in the teachers’ staff room. “I learned that evolution of species was definitively rejected in the book sent to me. Other copies were sent to teachers of religion and biology.”

While Laustsen said, “This splendid, highly attractive book also contains a large number of beautiful illustrations,” Laustsen’s son has added a picture of the book to his blog. On reading the book they saw that it refuted evolution in nature…

The author of the book is the much-debated Islamic writer Adnan Oktar, who uses the pen name Harun Yahya… The publisher dispatched these highly impressive copies of Atlas of Creation in order to have an impact on education in schools in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The receipt by Ballerup High School, together with various members of Parliament and universities, during the course of past months meant that the book had finally reached Denmark…
According to Imam Abdul Wahid Petersen, schools providing education in the light of this book depends entirely where they are. The Danish imam states that people have an important responsibility to tell students that human beings were created by God… He also states that Harun Yahya has a great many Muslim readers worldwide… He believes that one should listen when people make suggestions.

2007-09-15 17:15:38

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