Socialism, Terrorism, Violence And War Will Come To An End With The Disappearance Of Darwinism

Dagbladet Information, one of Denmark’s dailies, is a Danish newspaper known for addressing the cultured section of society in particular. The 7 August, 2007, edition of the paper, which has a circulation of 110,000, carried a report about Atlas of Creation headed “The Facts about the Origin of Life Weigh in at Six Kilos.” The introduction to the report took the following form:

 A book as heavy as a brick, a Turkish publication dealing with Darwin’s theory of evolution, has flooded into schools and high schools in Denmark. Socialism, terrorism, violence and war will come to an end with the elimination of Darwinism. Information met with the author of the book in luxurious surroundings in Istanbul.

 The Dagbladet Information correspondent who spoke with Harun Yahya at a press conference held on a yacht on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, gave his impressions as follows:

 Istanbul – Harun Yahya has sent Atlas of Creation, a seriously heavy book weighing in at six kilos, which delivers the message that Allah (God) is the Creator of all things and which inflicts a heavy defeat on Darwin’s theory of evolution throughout its 768 pages, to a large number of high and primary schools in Denmark, as well as to certain other schools and universities.

 Last Saturday, Harun Yahya invited the foreign press in order to evaluate his campaign that has created such a furor in countries such as France, Belgium and Germany. Harun Yahya wore a gold tiepin with his dazzling white suit, and stated that the campaign had been a success and that belief in Darwin’s theories had now been definitively overcome.

 Harun Yahya happily stated that, ”There is no need to defend Darwin any longer, since his theories have already reached the end of the road. This is an excellent development. The days of stubbornness and biased education have come to an end. It was impossible for you to hold views opposed to Darwin prior to this; people were thrown out of universities for doing so; but there is now a climate in which these things can be debated. Atlas, with today’s evidence, is so accurately established that it can no longer be hindered. Its opponents are powerless.

The views defended in [the author’s] 250 books are built first and foremost on Darwin’s misconceptions, and he says that the disasters inflicted on the world subsequently and ever since are the direct result of these. Darwin and his belief that human beings came into existence by chance and that only the strong survive are to be held responsible for Hitler, Stalin, communism, socialism and materialism.

 "When we look back over the recent history of the last 150 years, we see that Darwin lies at the root of all these sufferings. Have a look at what lies behind Hitler, Nazism, Marxism and Leninism, and all the blood shed by Stalin. What lies behind them is Darwinism. There is even Darwinism and lovelessness at the Iraq War.” …

 ”There is a manifest link with Marxism, because Karl Marx openly admitted that he had been inspired by and benefited from Darwin. When Marxism comes to an end, so will Darwinism.” …

 ”All socialists in Europe will admit that socialism will come to an end with the coming to an end of Darwinism; they will similarly agree that the opposite also applies. That is because you cannot have the one without the other. You will see hundreds of proofs of this if you read my book, so manifest that they cannot possibly be refuted. In a simple statement, socialists will say that you cannot have socialism without Darwin. The one is the forerunner of the other.”

 From page 584 of his Atlas of Creation onwards, Harun Yahya says that war and oppression have emerged as a result of the claim made by Darwin’s theory that only the fittest survive. The reason for the Nazi slaughter of the Jews was the application of Darwin’s theory of ”natural selection” on human beings. International terrorists also base their ideas on the need to fight all those who differ from them and that only the strong survive.

 On Sunday, he himself said: ”When you look at Marxism, conflict is the basic principle. There is thesis and antithesis, according to which there will inevitably always be conflict. This is obvious anarchy, and blood will be spilt. There is no such thesis and antithesis in the Qur’an. Conflict cannot form the basis of anything.”

 Harun Yahya’s project is not to spread Islam at the expense of other faiths. On the contrary, he is working for a world in which all believers in any faith are gathered together and powerful in one single center.

 ”We want Christians, Muslims and Jews to live in peace. Atheists included, everyone must be free. I defend secularism and the rights of Darwinists to freely express themselves. We, also, must enjoy the same rights. As a result of our activities, Islam, Christianity and Judaism will become much stronger than they have been. Believers and devout people will become stronger and governments in different countries will be much more religiously inclined than they are at present.”

 The Danish reporter then goes on to add some other statements to his report, under the caption ”That is why we find Allah (God):”

 ... A large part of Harun Yahya’s Atlas contains illustrations of thousands of fossils from all over the world. The author himself is an architect rather than a scientist. Because Darwin’s theory has not yet been abandoned, despite the absence of any intermediate fossil illustrating the stages between fish and human beings, he has for long been working on scientific theses. The many illustrations used show that these fossils are identical to living specimens in existence today. That is why Harun Yahya thinks that if the evolution of species were true, things would be very different. He then says this about the reliability of the scientific theses of someone who has not received a scientific training: 

 ”My books contain quotations from many different scientists; that is the equivalent of referring to their ideas directly. Their opinions are the same as mine. I have many fossils, but not a single intermediate form. I would be delighted to award millions of kroner to anyone who can find such a transition.”

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