Creationism is Spreading in Europe

In its 28 August, 2007, edition, Politiken, Denmark’s second-highest circulation daily, carried a report announcing that creationism was spreading through Europe. The Danish daily, which has a readership of around half a million, analyzed the impact of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation. Under the heading “The Wide World of Creationism,” the report said:

The creationist movement in Europe now continues to spread with Protestant, Catholic and Muslim adherents. Instructional works opposed to the theory of evolution and supporting faith-compatible creationism are being sent out to thousands of schools free of charge, and the objective is given as providing students with a “balanced perspective” on the history of life… Religious devotion is now permanently on the agenda…

Since December, 2006, a giant-sized Atlas of Creation, containing exquisite illustrations, has been distributed free of charge to scientists, politicians and schools in a large number of countries. It suggests that all life forms have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. Opposing every idea to do with evolution, it concludes that life on Earth is the result of creation by Allah (God). Pictures of fossils and living counterparts are given pride of place in order to prove this. The reader is convinced that this is the only scientific conclusion to be drawn from colored insects, crabs, salamanders and ferns.

It is also suggested that the theory of evolution is a materialist fantasy with no foundation, one that is in a state of collapse. There is no right-wing Protestant or biblically inspired view behind this.

Atlas of Creation is a Muslim work which accepts that the Qur’an is the word of Allah (God) and espouses a familiar creationism. This book, published in Turkish, English and French, thousands of copies of which have been sent to specially selected destinations all over Europe, including Denmark, has led to a fierce debate. It not long ago also made its way to the U.S. and was sent to various members of Congress.

The point on which all the [Atlas’s] criticisms are aimed and converge is this: Charles Darwin is the main root of all evil … Atlas of Creation depicts this quiet Victorian scientist as the cause of the worst disasters of the 20th century: terrorism, communism, racism, fascism and Nazism.

In addition, Politiken refers to Atlas of Creation as a “Trojan Horse.” This term, an admission of the superiority of the Atlas in the intellectual struggle waged, reveals how materialist circles fail to understand what is happening to them during events such as that of the Trojan Horse, and that they are undergoing a sudden defeat. From that point of view, describing Atlas of Creation, which first impresses with its physical appearance and then demolishes Darwinist-materialist philosophy with the ideas it contains, as a Trojan Horse is singularly apt.

2007-09-17 16:49:47

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