Atlas Of Creation In Denmark

On its blog site on 5 July, 2007, a Danish government-owned TV station TV 2 carried a report concerning Atlas of Creation. The message of the Atlas was related in the article as follows:

I acquired the book titled Atlas of Creation through a friend. This was the first in an eight-volume series, A3 in size and 800 pages in length. These books all have one common objective:

To demolish Charles Darwin’s theory regarding evolution.

The book contains unbelievably beautiful pictures of different fossils.

To quote from one page:

A splendid photograph of a sow bug in amber. Immediately beneath is a photograph taken from above the insect. Underneath is written (I am quoting directly from the text):


Age: 25 million years

Location: Dominican Republic

Period: Oligocene

This 25-million-year-old fossil sow bug in amber shows that they have been the same for millions of years – in other words, that they never underwent evolution.”

This expression is repeated on every page. Plants, insects, leaves, tree branches, fish and marine crustaceans. The following sentences are repeated:

“This invalidates the claims of evolutionists and once again confirms the fact that living beings are created by God.”

“… They have never changed”

“… clearly refute the claims of evolution.”

2007-09-17 16:53:18

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