Atlas Of Creation is Still Being Discussed in The Usa

Chicago Public radio, which broadcasts in USA, carried a report headed “Creationist Special Delivery at U of C” on 18 July, 2007. In this report by Shawn Allee, the station, which attracts some 600,000 listeners a week, referred to Atlas of Creation as follows:
“An Islamic critique of evolutionary theory has been stuffing the mailboxes of pro-evolution biologists, including some at the University of Chicago…

U of C evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne says...:

‘It must weigh about ten pounds. It’s an elaborately produced coffee-table book. It’s got sort of a hologram on the front cover showing different animals and gold-leaf printing and beautiful pictures of fossils and species.’

The 800-page tome is called Atlas of Creation. Doctor Coyne reports at least 20 copies arrived at U of C... The New York Times reports biologists across Europe and North America are also receiving copies of Atlas of Creation.”

2007-09-22 22:35:29

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