Muslim Creationism In The Usa

L"Agence Science Presse, Canada’s French-language science news portal, published a report on 22 August, 2007, titled "Muslim Creationism in the USA,” which read:

“… A Muslim version of creationism has now reached the US soil. A few weeks ago a major advertising offensive began as a heavy and expensive book was sent out to thousands of academics.

Atlas of Creation, which can only be described as luxurious, appears in large format and in full color. It is 800 pages long! Sent out all over Europe, in particular in France, in early 2007, the book now “invades” the United States by the same means as those used in France…

Major science museums all over the country as well as members of the Congress have also received copies of the book…

... Their followers associate “Darwinism” with “the erosion of moral values.” In the case of Adnan Oktar (an architecture graduate), it is also the cause of anti-Semitism...

Aesthetically, the book is very beautiful…”



2007-09-24 08:45:20

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