Darwinism And Terrorism Will Come To An End In 15 Years

The Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad carried a piece by Morten Mikkelsen analyzing the impact in Denmark of Atlas of Creation. In brief, this sixth report concerning Harun Yahya in the paper, which has a readership of 110,000, carried the following information about the Atlas:

“… According to the book ‘Atlas of Creation’ and its Turkish author, Harun Yahya, Darwin and Darwinism must also be held responsible for terrorism since they opened the way for it.

Over the last year, thousands of copies of this well-known book have been sent to educational institutions, researchers, politicians and opinion formers in a number of countries, including the Netherlands, France and Denmark. …

Martin Henriksen, education spokesman for the Danish People’s Party, announced that the book was received by recipients with considerable excitement…

‘Creation Atlas’ – ‘Atlas of Creation’ in English – is published by the Turkish publisher Global Publishing…

Harun Yahya is a pen name, under which there appear more than 200 publications. Adnan Oktar is the real name of the author of ‘Atlas of Creation.’ He does not conceal that his mission is to raise doubts about Darwin’s theory of evolution, which he regards as wrong and harmful. Instead, he refers to Islam, Christianity and Judaism with his own view of creationism. At a television-press conference recently held on a luxurious yacht on the Bosphorus, Adnan Oktar confidently announced that Darwinism and terrorism would come to an end in 15 years, following which humanity would enter an ‘era of peace.’

2007-09-30 03:02:39

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