Darwinists Despair In The Face Of The Fact Of Creation

The 14 July, 2007, edition of the Danish daily Berlingske carried a report on various Darwinist scientists’ comments on the growth of creationism in Denmark. The report carried by the paper, which enjoys a circulation of 125,000, carried quotations reflecting the despair of Darwinists in the face of creationism being so widely supported in Denmark and admitting that belief in creation would eventually carry the day in the country.

In addition, in reference to the support given by senior officials to the creationist movement, it described the Council of Europe’s refusal to discuss a report opposed to creation as a “victory” for creationism. The report went on to state that with creationism being brought before the Council of Europe it had now become a political issue, and said: “A few months ago, a Turkish-based Muslim publisher sent out a splendid, two-volume and 500-page Atlas of Creation to a large number of schools in Denmark and at the same time to … researchers critical of the efforts of the religious community.



2007-09-30 03:07:12

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