An islamic Creationist Textbook

Well known internet newspaper The Huffington Post, which was voted the best political blog of 2006, carried a report titled "One Nation, Under God?" on 17 July, 2007. The paper, which has an average daily circulation of 3,000, made the following comments about the Atlas of Creation:

... we now have the latest trend: an Islamic creationist textbook authored by Harun Yahya of Turkey.

The textbook, weighing in at 12 pounds, is an 800-page, beautifully illustrated homage to the infallibility of God"s hand in creating the world, and all of humankind as we know it. It also disparages the theory of evolution as inherently flawed, a "theory in crisis," because the fossils of our past are apparently identical to our present-day physiological makeup. This textbook, Atlas of Creation, was sent to leading biology, biochemistry, medical, and genetics professors in the States. ...

2008-10-04 21:03:29

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