A Gorgeous Book: Atlas Of Creation

The Huntsville Times, a daily published in the U.S. state of Alabama, carried the following lines regarding Atlas of Creation in its 12 October, 2007, edition:

“’Atlas of Creation,’ Vol. 1, by Harun Yahya.

This gorgeous, coffee-table-sized book offers page after page of full-color photographs of fossils millions of years old paired with pictures of creatures identical to the fossilized animal who live, unchanged, today.

An attack on evolutionary theories from a Muslim point of view, the book could be used by any teacher or faith leader who is teaching a skeptical approach to modern evolutionary views.

The book comes with a DVD of the documentary, "Fossils Have Discredited Evolution."

Yahya, whose birth name was Adnan Oktar, plans seven volumes in the series designed to show that no fossil of an ‘intermediate’ animal has ever been found.”

2007-10-21 17:47:26

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