The Darwinism Refuted Website In Der Spiegel

On 26 October, 2007, Der Spiegel, Europe’s largest weekly magazine, once again gave space to the works of Harun Yahya. The magazine’s 6.5 million readers were told:
“The first 10 entries [on the Google Search engine] were links to the and web sites; in other words, they belonged to Creationists... contains a large number of anti-evolution books and videos. The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity, The Evolution Deceit and The Error of the Evolution of Species are just a few of these. The site belongs to Harun Yahya, an Islamic creationist. The author’s real name is Adnan Oktar…”

          The Darwinism Refuted website, the subject of the report concerned, contains a collection of the works of Harun Yahya.

2007-11-25 00:57:22

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