Harun Yahya, Who Has Swept Away Darwin’s Theory

The Swiss daily Le Courrier, published in Geneva, referred to Harun Yahya as “rejecting evolution and sweeping away Darwin’s theory” in its 29 October, 2007, edition. The report in question stated that the impressive spread of creationism among Sunni Muslims was one of this year’s most astonishing phenomena. It went on to say this about Adnan Oktar, whom is described as the cause of this development:
“A Turkish author known as Harun Yahya became famous for massive distribution of luxurious and very weighty book entitled Atlas of Creation. The work in question, which has been translated into various languages, was sent by express delivery to countless schools and universities in Europe and America. There is no doubt that Harun Yahya would not have been so well known ... were it not for his determination to banish the teaching of evolution and Darwinism, which he regards as the source of communism and Nazism, from biology courses in Arab and Muslim countries.”
2008-01-05 23:30:28

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