Harun Yahya: A Muslim Opposed To Evolution

In its 26 October, 2007, edition daily Córdoba, published in Spanish and read in the region around Cordova, the one-time center of Islam in Spain, carried a column piece headed “The Taxonomy of Creationists.” The author, Miguel Aguilar, described the excitement he felt at receiving the Atlas of Creation he had been sent, and went on to say this about the book:

“… The book was a catalogue containing extant life forms and fossils, whose sense escaped me until I realized the title: Atlas of Creation. Throughout its 700 colored pages Harun Yahya revealed in a very certain tone that God has created the world and all living species, and claimed a connection between evolution and terrorism, saying the former was the cause of the latter.

It came as a surprise to encounter a Muslim opposed to evolution. I do not say that this opposition is incompatible with Muslim beliefs; merely that we are not accustomed to such messages from the East…”
2008-01-06 00:12:57

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