Atlas Of Creation: An Attack On The Theory Of Evolution

          On 12 October, 2007, the Orthodox Church’s “Sedmitza” (Church-Science Center) web site carried the European Council’s decisions regarding the teaching of creationism in schools. The article mentioned how the report in question referred to “recent attacks on Darwin’s theory,” and went on to say, “Muslim (Turkish) creationism is particularly emphasized. Thousands of copies of the book entitled Atlas of Creation have been distributed in Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland.” The article also stated that the impact of creationism in Europe was steadily growing, and even referred to the report saying that Western European and former USSR member countries were becoming more religious and making strong efforts to have creationism included in school curricula. This Christian web site criticized the Council decision and stressed the abnormality of the situation:
“The European Parliament’s new declaration has even banned the doubting of Darwin’s theory, and claims that such doubt poses a threat to human rights.”

2008-01-06 01:03:53

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