Adnan Oktar"s Criticism Of Darwin In The Russian Press

On 19 October, 2007, the "" web site discussed a report about Adnan Oktar from Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia’s top-selling daily. Under the caption “Adnan Hodja’s Criticism of Darwin in the Russian Press: ‘Science Searches for God’,” the report said:

In a full two-page report on the debate raging around Darwin’s theory, Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of Russia’s highest-circulation dailies, particularly concentrated on Adnan Oktar. The article in question said ‘The evidence collected over 20 years with the aim of refuting Darwin’s theory by Adnan Oktar, a member of the Science Research Foundation, has not just been published in book form in 13 languages and in 54 countries, but is now on the Russian internet,’ and went on to state:

‘When one looks at the intense debates taking place on‘When one looks at the intense debates taking place on Russian web sites, many Russian citizens and scientists agree with Adnan Oktar that Darwin’s theory is incapable of fully accounting for the creation of the  universe. Many Russian scientists were in any case aware that Darwin was unable to provide a complete explanation of all things. By bringing the matter into the day-to-day sphere, however, Adnan Oktar has become the crucial element with the new evidence he has introduced into the debate.’

… The article stated that the debate revolved around the following questions:

‘How did the world come into being from nothing?

If there is a cause for the creation of all things, what was the cause of that cause?

If energy cannot be produced out of nothing nor made to disappear, where did it first come from?

Does time really exist?
Is the created universe heading towards order or chaos?
Although the universe seems to be infinite, what lies beyond its end?…’”

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