Atlas Of Creation is Still On The French Agenda

 AFP-L’Agence France-Press, France’s largest news agency and the third largest in the world, reported yet again on Atlas of Creation on 29 October, 2007. The report in question said:
“… The latest example of this was the wide international distribution of Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya, a luxurious book printed in Turkey. In this book, Harun Yahya seeks to prove that life forms have never changed since the moment they were created.”
France, the cradle of materialism, has never before reacted to any creationist work, and the reason it keeps referring to Atlas of Creation is that the book has dealt it a grave blow in the struggle of ideas. The way the activities of Harun Yahya have been described in the French press as the “most effective” creationist movement, and the panic to be seen in materialist-Darwinist circles, are an important indication of the defeat suffered by those ideologies.

The AFP report appeared on a large number of web sites, as well as in the following media publications and channels:

Le Nouvel Observateur: A famous French news magazine with a circulation of 550,000

France 24:
A Paris-based television station broadcasting in French and English

TV5 Monde: A French station, the world’s fourth largest TV network

L"Internaute Magazine:
A French internet magazine

Metro International: The French edition of an 880,000-circulation newspaper, read in 21 countries

La Croix: A French daily with a circulation of 100,000

Radio France: France’s leading public radio station

Orange France: A French telecommunications company with 24.5 million users


Télévision Suisse Romande: The main French-language Swiss TV institution

Belgium’s most popular radio-television institution

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