The Impact Of The Works Of Harun Yahya On Indonesian Policy

           The official internet site of Indonesian President Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has several times referred to Harun Yahya. The message in Harun Yahya’s works has been depicted as a role model in formulating peaceful solutions in the fight against terrorism.

            As we know, the uprisings and domestic conflicts in the Indonesian state of Aceh have led to much bloodshed over many years. This major Indonesian domestic difficulty led to economic and social instability in the region and dragged the country into a military conflict that led to the deaths of many civilians over decades. But this conflict has been brought to a peaceful resolution by the current Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who cites Harun Yahya’s book Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism at every opportunity as a role model and basis for this national policy.

           Some parts of the text on the official Presidential web site, referring to the works of Harun Yahya, are as follows:
- In the section headed “The President’s Speeches,” from a speech made in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on 25 October, 2005:
“… It is an excellent thing if we live by learning from one another, communicating with and loving one another. Compassion and love is the answer to any problem in any circumstance, any society, any nation and any country.

There is a good book by the famous Turkish author Harun Yahya which I bought in Dubai during a visit. I stopped off at Dubai while returning home after attending Yasser Arafat’s funeral in Cairo. The book is called Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism… That means let’s save all the lives in this country through love.

If we honestly wish to solve the problem in good manner, by treating even the enemy, even the GAM (Free Aceh Movement) in this way, then blood will stop flowing in Aceh. Let us develop this country under the shade of the red and white [the colors of the national flag] by re-establishing relationship and brotherhood.”

- In the section headed “Interviews and Columns,” from a speech made during a visit to Jordan on 3 May, 2006:

“… Islam itself teaches and instructs the spreading of love. There is a very good book, written by Harun Yahya, which says that only love can defeat, prevent and solve terrorism.

Love is a gentle power, not a harsh one. Harsh power may be military, or economic embargo, or pressure preventing a country from doing anything. But gentle power means dialogue, negotiation, invitation, mutual assistance, and overcoming difficulties; and that is powerful. That is a way that we must choose, an entirely correct one.”
- In the “President’s Speeches” section, taken from a speech at the National Palace on 6 July, 2006:

“... There is a writer from Turkey, his name is Harun Yahya. He says that only love can defeat terrorism.

In broader sense, terrorism can only be eliminated through love. For those who believe it, there is nothing that cannot be eradicated through love. I also believe it. This country is thirsty for there to be love among us. This country is thirsty for caring and sharing among us…”

       - In the “Palace Corner” section, dated 15 May, 2007:
“...When at private house in Cikeas, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono frequently spends time reading in his personal library. His personal book collection, amassed over 35 years, consists of 15,000 titles. Some 15% of them are religious books. The collection contains four volumes of Harun Yahya books about Islamic development and all the commentaries on the Qur’an…”
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