A Book Aiming At War Against Materialist Philosophy: Atlas Of Creation

The October 2007 edition of the monthly magazine Espace de Libertés, published in French in Belgium, carried a report concerning Atlas of Creation. The article in question described how in his Atlas of Creation Adnan Oktar made use of “21st-century skepticism” to preach belief in Allah (God) in “a very plain and much enhanced style of expression.” The report also went on to say:

Atlas of Creation, a most beautiful object, has been distributed to a large number of schools and state libraries. The book, which comes in large format, richly illustrated and printed on 772 pages of glossy paper, is both very attractive and also easily comprehended. It is impossible to dislike its appearance…

If the book is a critique of Darwin’s theory of evolution, using fossil analyses performed all over the world (a substantial part of the book consists of large, color illustrations), and if its objective is to show that Darwin was wrong since there are no fossils exhibiting any evolutionary transitional stages, then it seeks to confirm and once again verify the claim that ‘everything on Earth is the work of Allah.’

… This is in order to demonstrate the following irrefutable truth: ‘Flawless creation and the omniscience of our Creator are too clear and evident to be concealed in every detail of life.’

In conclusion, the book aims to combat materialist philosophy by setting out its evidence one piece after another, with extracts from the Qur’an being used as the final proof on every occasion. The author summarizes the content of his book and his perspective in one perfectly expressed section: ‘All of Harun Yahya"s works share one single goal: to convey the Qur"an"s message, encourage readers to consider basic faith-related issues such as Allah"s existence and unity and the Hereafter; and to expose irreligious systems" feeble foundations and perverted ideologies.’”

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