Praise For The Atlas Of Creation From The German Weekly Stern

The 29 March, 2007, edition of Stern, one of Germany’s premier magazines, carried a report written by Jens Lubbadeh. The report praised the Atlas of Creation, one of the works of Adnan Oktar written under the pen-name Harun Yahya, which has had a major impact in several countries, particularly France. The article contained the following statements:

Against Darwin in the name of Allah

A Splendid Opening and Tendentious Content: The Atlas of Creation
The Atlas of Creation – Volume I. A book like a clap of thunder. A bright-red envelope, DIN-A3-format, 768 pages! Weighing nearly seven kilos. It is obvious from the outset: This book is totally different! You may remember some pictures from your childhood: If one moved these pictures in the hand, in each case another picture appeared… On the Atlas of Creation a horse gallops, a leopard jumps, a hummingbird flutters, a dolphin hops. But when you change the angle the animals suddenly become skeletons.
"The dark liaison between Darwinism, fascism and communism"
… There is one common idea running through this large book: “Darwin was wrong, there is no evolution, all animal species alive today have remained unchanged since they were first created.”
Author Harun Yahya comes fast to his aim: to reveal "the fraud of the evolutionists and their untrue statements, as well as the dark liaison between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism" - that is what the author really wants…
In order to disprove the evolutionary theory, Yahya places innumerable illustrations of animals and plants beside photographs of their millions-of-years-old fossil counterparts. … The author’s opinion is this: Evolution never happened, it is impossible for it to have done so. Because all living species have been created by Allah.
Who is Harun Yahya? The author’s real name is Adnan Oktar. The reason why he uses a pen-name is to recall the names of the two prophets: Aaron (Harun) and John (Yahya)… Adnan Oktar is a Turk who studied art and philosophy and has written many books on politics, science and faith-related issues. The titles of some of these are Wonder’s of Allah’s Creation, The Evolution Deceit, The Fact of Creation, The Collapse of Materialism, The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity … In other words, they are all about “collapse,” “deceit” and “the fact.”

Creationism Is on the Rise in Turkey
The influence of Adnan Oktar is not to be underestimated: … thanks to the positions represented by the creationists, it seems that there will be much more talk of creationism in the scientific school subjects, particularly in biology, in addition to history. This will not remain limited to Turkey. The books of Adnan Oktar have been translated into numerous languages, including German among others.
With his Atlas of Creation, Adnan Oktar has the final world. He takes the Prophet Muhammad (saas), who attained the highest wisdom and moral perfection, as a role model. As we know, whoever has the last word does not need to become involved in debate. Oktar uses the seal of the Prophet (saas) on the red cover of his book in order to affirm that claim. Immediately under the moving images…
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