Nicolas Sarkozy Backs Creationism

The French daily La Libération carried a report on 22 April, 2008, headed “The anthropologist Pascal Picq says that creationism is growing stronger.” In the report the paper, which has a circulation of 140,000, referred to the strengthening of creationism in France and the impact Atlas of Creation has had on this change:

“... Sarkozy’s statements agreeing with what creationists and the opponents of secularism have been saying came as a great surprise to me. In their eyes, the reason for the evils of the 20th century is that people turned their backs on religion. The evidence? People who turned their backs on the Creator turned into animals behaving in conformity with Darwin’s theory. If someone is taught that he is descended from a lower order of animal and is given no religious instruction, then this leads to all kinds of disasters. For that reason, evolution must be removed from the education syllabus… The media were largely unconcerned by Islamic creationist movements. Until, that is, the Turkish writer Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation reached thousands of people. Then, there was literally complete panic, because A BOOK FROM A MUSLIM COUNTRY HAD FALLEN LIKE A ROCK INTO THE SEA OF REALITIES…”

It is true that Atlas of Creation caused panic in France. Until the arrival of the Atlas, the theory of evolution had been imposed and taught as an unarguable fact. However, the Atlas led to people questioning the theory of evolution for the first time, and to their seeing the truths that had been kept hidden from them. Seeing the falsities of the theory of evolution, the French have now turned towards sincere faith. One can see this change in France both from the statements made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the growing belief in creation among the French public. Indeed, evolutionist circles themselves report this with considerable alarm.

The collapse of the theory of evolution is inevitable: The facts have been revealed, and the Darwinist mask has been torn off. Belief in creation grew rapidly in France in 2007, and continues to do so.

2008-05-19 11:38:11

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