Teachers In Belgian Schools Are Boycotting The Theory Of Evolution

Corriere della Sera, Italy’s most widely read daily, once again devoted considerable space to the impact in Europe of Atlas of Creation. The report in the paper, which has a circulation of some 700,000, appeared under the cover page headline “Christians and Muslims Join Forces against Darwinism” and continued under the heading “Teachers in Belgian Schools Are Boycotting the Theory of Evolution,” covering the reactions of teachers to Darwinist education:

A new alliance between Christian and Muslim teachers… According to some professors who teach students biology or natural sciences, these [Darwin’s claims] are all lies, and are unworthy of being taught: They believe in creation and that the origins of human life lie not in orangutans, but in an infinite, Divine power, and that is what they teach their students… In their view [those teachers who oppose evolution], Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, is right. Harun Yahya is the Turkish author of The Evolution Deceit, which brands Darwin’s evolutionism as “a dishonest philosophy that has enslaved thousands of people,” Atlas of Creation, and some 200 other books and booklets.

Last year, a number of teachers brought Atlas of Creation into class to confront the opposition of their students and Darwinist colleagues… There is no doubt that Yahya’s words are continuing to spread now that they have found favor with Christian professors.

... (Yahya) has followers in a great many countries. In a campaign against evolutionism he initiated towards the end of the 1990s, thousands of pamphlets and books were distributed in Turkey setting out the thesis that it was a doctrine responsible for Nazism, historical materialism, Stalinist communism, assimilation and other catastrophes. Then, as now, Yahya found an audience in certain universities. Among his opinions is the idea that “The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence in the demolition of the claims of the theory of evolution, because fossils reveal that all the diversity of life on Earth has never changed at all and that life forms are not descended from one another.” In conclusion, this is an “indisputable fact” for the Turkish author, who goes on to say: “Living things did not develop by means of any imaginary evolutionary process. Every life form was created by God, with no forerunner preceding it."

2008-05-19 11:41:29

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