Atlas Of Creation: Defense Of The Three Divine Religions

The May, 2007, edition of the monthly journal Envol, published in French by the Ardéche Secular Works Federation (Fédération des Oeuvres Laiques de L"Ardéche), carried an article about Atlas of Creation. The article, written by Patrick Tort, director of the International Charles Darwin Institute, and titled “About Atlas of Creation,” contained the following words: 
On 2 February, 2007, France learned through the press that a large, luxurious book printed in Istanbul, called Atlas of Creation, and that represented creationist propaganda, had been posted to educational institutions. The book bore the name Harun Yahya, the pen-name of the Turkish Muslim preacher Adnan Oktar. By attacking the foundations of contemporary evolutionary biology, the author seeks to replace it with the belief that none of the life forms on Earth have ever evolved right from the time they were first created.... He says that six more volumes are to be published… The work, translated into a number of foreign languages – especially those spoken by large Muslim communities – is a homogeneous defense of the three Divine faiths, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.... Oktar-Yahya’s books, such as The Miracle in the Ant, The Secrets of the DNA and The Miracle of the Immune System, are lavishly illustrated. God determined all things, and the Qur’an reveals all… Terrorism and the September 11 attacks are ascribed to Darwinism. Hitler and Darwin are portrayed side by side on the cover, suggesting that Darwinism represents the basis of those ideologies from which terrorism emerges.

2008-05-19 14:53:20

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