Harun Yahya Calls Muslims To Unity And Union

On 28 April, 2008, the Kuwait News Agency, one of the most important in the Middle East, conducted an interview with Harun Yahya on the subject of the 4th World Islamic Economic Forum. Through that forum, Adnan Oktar was asked for suggestions regarding economic regeneration in Islamic countries. The agency’s Arabic-language report of the interview stated:

The well-known Turkish thinker and writer stresses the importance of an international economic conference to be held in Kuwait on Tuesday. In an interview with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, said that the 4th World Islamic Economic Forum was an excellent means of supporting unity and compromise among Muslims.
He went on to say that forums of this kind are not limited to serving the Islamic world, but also offer an opportunity of establishing relations with people who hold different believes and doctrines. Oktar went on to say: “Now is the time for everyone to display maturity for the sake of living in peace and security.” Oktar called on Muslims to bury the hatchet and set aside all disputes and divisions for the sake of building a Muslim Union based on love and solidarity. “All Muslims have a responsibility to bring Muslim countries together in a single aim and to remind them of the bonds of brotherhood between them. And that is what Kuwait is doing,he said.
The Turkish thinker expressed the hope that this economic forum would draw sincere Muslims together, and went on to make the following statement about acts of violence and terror: “What needs to be done is to identity the cause of and find a common solution to problems such as violence, terror, oppression, poverty and degeneration.” Oktar said that the construction of such a Muslim Union would be a major step in defeating such ideologies and achieving peace on earth.

Oktar is encouraging Muslims to establish international free trade zones among themselves, to create regional trade agreements and reduce customs duties as a practical and concrete initial step in order for them to develop in economic and social terms…

2008-07-10 14:11:51

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