The Spread Of Creationist Belief In Belgium

The 7 February, 2008, issue of the French daily Le Monde, which has a world-wide readership, this time considered the impact that the Atlas of Creation has had in Belgium. The report, titled “A Counter-Offensive against Creationism Is Being Organised in Belgium,” described evolutionists’ unease at the spread of creationist belief in the country:

Experts from a large number of universities signed a declaration at the end of 2007. This declaration gave voice to the threat of the spread of creationist ideas following the distribution of large numbers of a work called the Atlas of Creation, which rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution, free of charge and to high schools and universities in particular. An interview on VRT revealed that Muslim students in particular are increasingly outspokenly opposing biology teachers with regard to the theory of the origin of species.

Johan Braeckman will examine the scale of creationist activities in the country. He says that it is essential that a campaign intended to increase awareness and sensitivity on the subject be directed towards ordinary members of the public, the particular target of the creationist lobby.

Evolutionists’ attempts to take what they regard as precautionary measures is a major indication of the defeat of the theory of evolution. Seeing for the first time the proofs of creation set out in such a convincing style and with such great clarity, Belgians have swiftly abandoned their belief in the theory of evolution. The reason why evolutionists regard this state of affairs as “dangerous” is that with the collapse of Darwinism materialist philosophy has also been dealt a lethal blow. The way that a book that has only been read for 1.5 years has demolished a theory that has been around for 1.5 centuries, that Atlas of Creation has been depicted as the main reason for the collapse of Darwinism, once again confirms the profound influence of and accurate information in Atlas of Creation.

2008-07-10 15:25:01

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