Banning A Book Proves How Powerful It Is

Le Soir, a Belgian French-language daily with a circulation of 185,000, carried a report about the spread of the Atlas of Creation in France in its 12 February, issue. Written by Paul Mathil, the article said:

Two very recent events have enlivened the debate. The impressive Atlas of Creation, by a Turkish author called Harun Yahya, has been sent to hundreds of high schools and universities in France. The author seeks to prove that, in contrast to Darwin’s ideas, human beings have never altered, and he uses passages from the Qur’an in order to confirm his conclusion that evolution is “the true source of terrorism…” … The French Ministry of Education moved swiftly to keep that Atlas of Creation at a distance and demanded that students be prevented from making use of it…

The reason for such a swift move to ban Atlas of Creation in France is that it is powerful enough to influence anyone who reads it, or even skims just a few pages. There is no doubt that if the work’s power to influence people were a weak one, no need would have been felt to ban it. The powerful and clear annihilation of Darwinism in the Atlas of Creation (and in Harun Yahya’s many other works) also obliterates the foundations of materialist philosophy. By moving to ban the book in such great haste the French government has in effect admitted the collapse of the theory of evolution.

2008-07-10 16:12:06

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