The Cause Of Great Alarm: Atlas Of Creation

A report titled “Darwinism and Religion” in the 9 May, 2007, issue of Le Soir, Belgium’s widest-read French-language daily, noted the serious alarm the Atlas of Creation had provoked in Belgium. This panic, which stems from the powerful nature of the Atlas of Creation, left the Belgian government powerless to do anything other than issue bans. The report in question announced that a debate was to take place, including the subject of the Atlas of Creation, in the wake of this proscriptive censorship policy in Belgian libraries:

A large number of French educational institutions have received a luxuriously printed work called the Atlas of Creation, which maintains that the theory of evolution, and Darwinism in particular, is in error because it is incompatible with religion. This work was prepared from the Muslim perspective. It has led to enormous alarm among the relevant politcal authorities and educationalists…

“Preventing to loan the Bible in libraries? Should the Atlas of Creation be kept out of libraries?” The answers to these questions will be discussed at a debate on the subject of “Should the Bible enjoy primacy in libraries?” to be held this evening.

 There is no doubt that banning a book merely inspires greater interest and curiosity in it; it therefore results in many more people reading it. And the Atlas of Creation has attracted many more people’s attention because of the climate of panic that has emerged. What is more, all of Harun Yahya’s works, including the Atlas of Creation, are available in a wide range of languages free of charge from the web site. This means that at a time when the use of technology is becoming ever more widespread, anyone wishing to read the Atlas of Creation can obtain it free of charge in a matter of just a few seconds.

2008-07-10 16:46:33

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