Evolutionists Fear The Loss Of Their Theory

On 11 March, 2007, CBC, Canada"s national TV and radio news broadcaster, carried a report headed “Scientific community mobilizes defence of evolution.” The report in question dealt with evolutionists’ fears regarding the collapse of their theory and the mobilization of their forces. It described the impact of Atlas of Creation in these words:

... What else worries scientists? … In Europe, people used to scratch their heads over the furious evolution debate in the United States. Now they have their own alarums and excursions. The creationists have opened so many fronts that last fall a study by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe warned [against them].

… It"s [what alarms the council is] also Islamic scientific creationism. The report describes how a Turkish book titled The Atlas of Creation had been sent to schools in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. The author, Islamist preacher Harun Yahya, calls Darwinism a "ruse of Satan," which, he writes, "is collapsing and causing panic in the Darwinian global empire." Major concern? Yes. …

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