Rise Of The Evolution Deniers

The British Morning Star, publishing organ of the Communist Party, announced its unease at the rise on creationist belief with the headlines “Rise of the Evolution Deniers” and “Ken Macleod investigates the disturbing rise of evolution denial in British society.” The collapse in Europe of Darwinism, the supposed scientific basis for communism, is alarming the proponents of communist ideology. Because there can be no communism where there is no Darwinism. Communism has today lost the support it used to draw from Darwinism (with the realization of the false nature of Darwinism) and is condemned to be remembered as a discredited ideology.

This is what the article had to say about the rise in the belief in creation:

Thirty five years ago, I mentioned creationism to one of my zoology tutors at Glascow University. “Nobody” he said, “takes these people seriously!”
Today, another of my former tutors, Roger Downie, who is now professor of zoological education at Glascow University, has to take creationism- or evolution denial, as he prefers to call it- a bit more seriously than that.

In Islam, Creationism is more mainstream than it is in Christianity. ... His [Harun Yahya’s] books and CD’s are finely produced but inexpencive and 10,000 copies of his full-colour volume Atlas of Creation have been delivered to scientists in Europe and north America.

On February 26, University College London’s Islamic Society hosted a presentation by representatives of the Harun Yahya Organisation on The Collapse of the Evolution Theory, one of dozens of similar events over the past year or two in the UK and many more in the Muslim world, drawing huge audiences in Indonesia.

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