The Impact Of The Atlas Of Creation Is Also Being Discussed in Hong Kong

The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s highest circulation daily, carried a report on 23 July 2007 headed "Europe aims to keep views on creationism out of school." The report, which referred to the way the Atlas of Creation had been met with panic by materialist and Darwinist minds in Europe, also described the content of a report submitted to the European Parliament by the French socialist Guy Lengagne. It described how the report in question had referred to Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation as "much more dangerous than the previous creationist initiatives.” There is no doubt that the Atlas being regarded as "dangerous" is a reflection of alarm at the facts being brought out into the open.

The ultimate aim of the report was for the teaching of creationist ideas in schools to be banned. The way the Atlas of Creation is regarded as dangerous and the proposed banning of ideas once again confirms the power and accuracy of the ideas contained within the book. Another mention of the Atlas of Creation read, in part:

“The report highlighted a recent Muslim creationist campaign by Turkish writer Harun Yahya, whose lavish 750-page Atlas of Creation book it said had been distributed free to schools in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.”

It is most thought-provoking how those circles that always espouse freedom of thought have now asked for ideas concerning Creation to be banned. It is because they have seen they have been defeated on the intellectual front that these circles have caused this alarm and these measures reminiscent of the Middle Ages have been raised.

2008-10-03 15:41:56

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