Polls Conducted in Europe Confirm The Dominance Of Belief in Creation

With the distribution in Europe of the Atlas of Creation, the people of Europe, who have been exposed to Darwinist and materialist propaganda for 150 years, have now for the first time had the opportunity to see the true facts. This book, which reveals that the theory of evolution is being propped up out of ideological concerns, not because it is of any scientific value, has brought about change of belief among the European public. Independent polls conducted in different countries have revealed a major drop in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism and that belief in creation now dominates Europe.

France/ Science Actualités / 16 February 2007

A poll on a French scientific web site has revealed that people no longer believe in evolution.

Following the major impact of the distribution of Atlas of Creation in France, the French website Science Actualités carried out a public opinion poll. The results of the survey showed that Darwinism has been annihilated in France. According to the findings, set out under the caption “Your Views on Evolution,” revealed that 92% of the public no longer believe in evolution.

GERMANY / Die Welt / 17 April 2008

Darwinism has also been demolished in Germany, which now says, “Allah Created Life.”

The German daily Die Welt, one of the countries most important publications, conducted a poll about Creation on its website. Eighty-six percent of the participants responded to the question “How do you think life came into being?” by saying “Allah created it.”

DENMARK / Ekstra Bladet / 29 June 2007

The Danish People No Longer Believe in Evolution.

 According to the results of a survey conducted on its web site by the daily Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s highest-circulation publications, “Danes no longer believe in evolution." Asked “Do You Think That Human Beings Are Descended from Apes?”, 88% of the Danish public answered “No.”

GERMANY / Süddeutsche Zeitung / 8 July 2007

According to a poll in Germany, the public no longer believe in evolution; they say “Evolution – no, thanks.”

According to a poll regarding whether or not evolution actually happened that appeared on the web site of Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s main dailies, the level of those believing that human beings are the work of a Creator stands at 87%.


SWITZERLAND / Blick / 4 May 2007

According to a survey in Switzerland, the public say that “Creation should be taught.”

The level of people believing in the fact of Creation stood at 85% in a poll conducted on the web site of Blick, one of Switzerland’s widest-read newspapers.

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