The Atlas Of Creation Remains On The Agenda

A scientific discussion on the web site of the Guardian, a British newspaper with a global following, on 25 August, 2008, considered the subject of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation. The program, which can be listened to over the Internet and in which “Science Weekly” in which James Randerson, one of the daily’s science editors, and religious affairs editor Riazat Butt participated, discussed the most significant news stories of the week and referred to Harun Yahya as “a fascinating creationist from the Islamic world.”

The program said that the Atlas of Creation had been produced in a most luxurious format, was full of amazing illustrations, and was a four-volume work intended to refute the theory of evolution. It also stated that Harun Yahya’s aim was to “show that God created the world,” that he had challenged such leading proponents of the theory of evolution as Richard Dawkins to a public debate but that Richard Dawkins had declined the invitation.

2008-10-09 00:12:34

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