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Ulus carried a report by Hasret Rustemov in which Perished Nations was reviewed. In this article, “A New Book about the Wisdom of the Qur’an,” Rustemov said the following:

(…) It is genuinely very difficult at this time to encounter any scientific literature based on the Qur’an. In this book the author [Harun Yahya] describes the sudden destruction of ancient civilizations that existed before the Qur’an and the way their peoples were wiped off the face of the earth through the relevant verses and the results of the latest research in archaeology, geography, history and other sciences. The author many times notes that the Qur’an is a book sent down by Allah and the way of adhering to the truth. Many books by Western scholars about the destruction of people have been published, but what makes this book different from the others is not an investigation into the reasons why very different peoples perished, but the way these events written in the Qur’an are described in a more accessible manner.

… Becoming acquainted with these works alone shows how devotedly he works in order to achieve that end. In my view, this book will attract the interest not just of those with an interest in religion, but also of people interested in sociology, history and philosophy.
2008-10-30 00:49:27

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