The islamic Creationism Of Harun Yahya

The December 2002 edition of the ISIM Newsletter, published monthly by the Holland-based International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World, carried an article by Dr. Martin Riexinger of Freiburg University. Entitled “The Islamic Creationism of Harun Yahya,” it contained references to the global impact of his works:

For some time Islamic publishing in the West has been associated with pamphlets in awkward English printed on pulp. Strolling through Islamic bookshops in Britain one immediately realizes how things have changed: beautifully edited books are offered for considerable prices. A notable part of these publications is dedicated to the defence of Islam against the challenges of Christianity and materialism. Outstanding examples for this new tendency are the writings of the prolific Turkish author Harun Yahya (pseudonym of Adnan Oktar), whose list of Turkish publications includes about 180 titles, most of them dedicated to the refutation of Darwinism.

The bulk of the publications by Harun Yahya just reiterates adorned with beautiful illustrations the basic claims proposed in his most popular work The Evolution Deceit with detailed reference to certain phenomena. ... His articles appear on many Islamic homepages kept by organizations or individuals. His international reputation is due to the extensive use of the internet. He may thus be considered the first Islamic intellectual who has based his career on the use of this most up-to-date technology.

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