Harun Yahya: islamic Writer Extraordinaire

October 2002
IBERR (International Board For Education Research and Resources), an umbrella organization for Islamic educational institutions in North America, Great Britain, South Africa, and elsewhere, published an article on Harun Yahya in its monthly bulletin. Chaired by Yusuf Islam, IBERR plays a significant role in determining the syllabuses of Islamic schools worldwide and uses Harun Yahya’s works to carry out its activities. The report describes his works in these terms:


Under the pen name of Harun Yahya, the author has published over a hundred books on a wide range of faith-related issues. An important body of his work deals with the materialistic world-view and its impact on world history and politics.

Harun Yahya’s extensive range of books emphasizes most powerfully Allah’s message to man. Firmly grounded in the Qur’an, and using the latest scientific methods, Harun Yahya’s books lucidly illustrate the miracle of Creation and the innumerable benefits that Allah bestows upon us. Evidence is convincingly gathered by reflecting on the miracles of our own bodies and also from the rich environment that Allah has created for our use. Brilliant colour photography, graphic illustrations and a lucid style of writing logically point out to the reader the Infinite Mercy of Allah!

At its 2004 meeting in Qatar, IBERR examined Harun Yahya’s work and discussed whether his books should be included in the syllabuses of IBERR-affiliated schools. Speakers stated that these works were an important component of the syllabus in various schools, such as Islamic schools in Nigeria. Harun Yahya’s works attract considerable interest from both students and teachers.
This newspaper, which reported on the IBERR assembly, provided detailed information about the meeting’s activities. According to it, an important address on “educational resources,” based on Harun Yahya’s works, was given.



The press conference attended by Yusuf Islam

A scene from the IBERR assembly


A Gulf Times report on the gathering
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