State Duma Reads Books By Harun Yahya

The foundation of scholastic researchers of Harun Yahya prepared a Russian edition of the book “Islam condemns terror”. The reason underlying the publishing is the increasing Islamophobia of the society, supported by mass media and certain political circles. In order to change the attitude towards Islam – the religion of peace and good, above 1000 copies has [sic] been sent to the leaders of various government bodies, state organizations and educational institutions. The book was received by delegates of the State Duma, representatives of the Ministry of internal affairs, Ministry of defense, many TV channels, and also Russian mass media.

The representatives of the foundation remark that the book has caused a strong interest, making many of the political and public figures change their views on Islam and moral-ethical norms of the Muslims. In this connection there is a plan to carry out meetings of the representatives of the government bodies to discuss the propaganda of the Islamic traditional principles in Russia.

It should be noted that the documentary and the book “Islam condemns terror”, published a year ago, received generous responses and support all over the world, in the USA and some European countries in particular.
2008-10-30 01:25:38

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