Harun Yahya Documentaries Are Up To Bbc Standards

Published in English in Saudi Arabia, Arab News carried a report about the New Zealand TV channel Voice of Islam"s broadcasts. In its report dated 19 June, 2008, the paper, which has a circulation of 52,000 and is distributed in the Gulf, Arab countries and Europe, quoted the following comment about Harun Yahya’s documentaries from the Australian Muslim convert Muhammad Thompson:

“An Australian convert who embraced Islam in 1981 has been using his television channel — Voice of Islam (VOI) — ... to spread information about Islam. ...

The one-hour program, which is aired on Saturdays and Sundays ..., includes recitation from the Qur’an with English translation, lectures on Islam, explanation of the basic pillars of Islam, and Harun Yahya’s Islamic documentaries on the creation of universe and animal life. He commended Yahya’s quality programs saying they are equal to those produced by the BBC.”

2008-11-08 11:42:16

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