"a Response To Darwin: The Atlas Of Creation"

Politiken, Denmark’s highest-circulation daily, continues to take a close interest in developments concerning the Atlas of Creation. A report by Andreas Lindqvist in the 12 September, 2008, issue in which he described the Atlas of Creation as "a very attractive, colorful book weighing several kilos” said:
The book known as the Atlas of Creation was written by Adnan Oktar, a Turk and a Muslim, and represents a definitive response to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This summer, large numbers of the striking book were sent out to universities, researchers, politicians and science museums in France and the United States. The book was also sent out to educational institutions in Denmark.

... It would seem that Adnan Oktar’s theses are rather widespread and popular in the Arab world.

2008-12-18 18:22:05

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