"creationism"s March Will Go On"

The Observer, the Sunday paper produced by the Guardian media group carried a report that referred to the Atlas of Creation on 2 November, 2008. The report in the paper, which enjoys a circulation of half a million, was titled "Beware - creationism"s march will go on." It said that the spread of belief in creationism was a development caused by the Atlas of Creation. On the receiving end of a body blow they never anticipated, Darwinists began looking for a way out in prohibitions they imposed one after the other. It then went on to say that this time Muslim students who do not believe in evolution will be expelled from their universities:
... ideas do not die, they spread and mutate. Creationism might be on the back foot in America, but it is blossoming elsewhere [such as in Turkey]... Its lavishly illustrated Atlas of Creation spends 500 pages comparing fossils with present-day species to argue that evolution never took place. ... Last year, the Council of Europe warned that Yahya was also targeting schools in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. In Britain, academics talk of expelling mainly Muslim science students. They do not make a fuss about it..., but say, very quietly, that if religion stops their students accepting evolution, there is no point in them staying at university.
The question that needs to be asked in the wake of those words is; what is the cause of this panic? Why did the Atlas of Creation cause such enormous distress? Why so many prohibitions and precautions? Why is evolution not debated like any other theory? Why do European countries, which describe themselves as models on such subjects as democracy, freedom of thought and plurality, adopt a prohibitive and despotic line when it comes to Creation? The answer to these questions shows that evolution is protected for ideological reasons, that it is a theory built on rotten foundations that can only be kept alive by the protection of the States. However, it is people’s discovery of the truth, which Darwinists never expected, that has accelerated these prohibitions and pressure. Indeed, the banning of the Atlas of Creation has led to the book being read by millions of people and to the true facts being disseminated very fast.   Therefore, any new policy of prohibition aimed at Muslim or other religious students will only further accelerate the collapse of Darwinism.

2008-12-18 18:52:40

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