""the Main Aim Of Science itself is To Help Art""

From Nathan Schneider"s interview with Adnan Oktar

The 10 December 2008 issue of the magazine Seed, published bi-monthly in the USA, reported its impressions from an interview conducted with Adnan Oktar by Nathan Schneider. (Click here for the full transcript of the interview.) Some of the comments in the report read as follows:
His 17-inch tall, 850-page book called The Atlas of Creation, which began appearing in mailboxes of scientists across Europe and the United States two years ago, aims to debunk Darwinian evolution with brilliant color, sensational photo-collages, and Qur"anic exegesis. It presents hundreds of fossils, pictured alongside modern flora and fauna, as evidence that all species were created separately by God millions of years ago and have undergone no modification at all. The Atlas goes on to blame Darwinist theories for a whole roster of worldly ills, including fascism, terrorism, and even the Columbine shooting. ...

Harun Yahya"s books are just as polished as he is. They often come printed in full color on glossy paper, full of photographs and graphics. In one of his several books condemning violence, Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism, an ornamental gold border frames every page. ...

In Islamic bookstores from Istanbul to Chicago, I"ve seen rows of Harun Yahya books prominently on display. Booksellers tell me that they are popular among customers...

"The main aim of science itself is to help art," Oktar told me. It is "a tool which we use to make our world more beautiful every day." ... For both [Bediuzzaman Said] Nursi and Oktar, science can be wielded like a paintbrush, revealing the divine orchestration everywhere in nature. And Darwinism represents a failure to see the world as a work of art created by an Artist. ...

"In ten years time, Jesus Christ will possibly come to this earth," Oktar proclaimed to me. By then, he continued, "all of these bloody ideologies and nonsensical ways of thinking about creation will be eradicated."

There Exists No Transitional Form

A picture (above) noting how Darwin represented the supposed
scientific foundation for Hitler’s racist ideas.
From Harun Yahya’s book Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism
2009-01-20 20:36:52

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