The Turkish-islamic Union Will Also Embrace The Crimean Turks

From the interview with daily Kirim Golos.

Adnan Oktar’s interview with daily Kirim Golos appeared in the paper on 5 December 2008. (Click here to watch the interview.) In the interview, during which he described how, by Allah’s leave, friendship, union, unity, love and affection would always have excellent results, Adnan Oktar went on to say that “The Turkish-Islamic Union will also embrace the Crimean Turks with love, abundance and plenty:”
Our Crimean brothers can rejoice and relax. A Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership is already at the gate. Crimea will return to the happy days of its past, insha’Allah... And this will increase as your ideas of love and friendship grow, insha’Allah... All problems will be resolved if approached with warmth, love and affection, just like our Prophet (saas), insha’Allah. They must have a little patience, after the next 10 or 20 years will be a fully Golden Age... Let them seek Allah’s approval and be honest, the rest will follow, insha’Allah.

2009-01-20 20:54:27

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