""someone Who Properly Comprehends islam is Like Someone Drunk On Love""

Ayna, a newspaper that has been published in Azerbaijan since 1990, carried an interview on 8 September, 2008, that Adnan Oktar had given to Alaskar Alaskarov. Printed under the Russian name Zerkalo, the 20,000 daily circulation paper carried the interview in question under the heading "Someone Who Properly Comprehends Islam Is Like Someone Drunk on Love.” Adnan Oktar"s words "killing, bombings and acts of terror are not characteristics of anyone who lives by the love of God" appeared with a highlight from the front page.
Adnan Oktar: Someone who has fully adopted the Qur’an, who loves God and is filled with love for God, is like someone who is like drunk on love. He is in love with God and looks at everything with love and endearment. He will never want to tear things apart, destroy, blow things up or obliterate them.  There is inducement in the essence of Islam. You try to convince the other person. If he remains unconvinced, he is free to believe as he wishes. Obviously there can be no compulsion in the faith. If you force a person to change his beliefs he would become a hypocrite. And hypocrites are the lowest people who go to the lowest circle of hell, and that person will turn into a machine producing these very lowest entities. That is why people must be convinced to be genuine. If he does not believe, he will honestly say he does not believe, and that person must be respected. Each person must be respected. Because that is how God has created him; that is his destiny. You tell him things, and he will understand them if he can, and if he cannot understand, then he will not.

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