Opposition To Evolution Growing Apace In Europe

Politiken, one of Denmark’s largest dailies with half a million readers carried a cover story titled "More Controversial Than Ever". It reported how with the works of Harun Yahya, anti-Darwinist activities have become "a more systematic demolition of the idea of evolution.” The report noted how the Atlas of Creation had influenced the rising calls against the theory of evolution, in recent years in particular:
... Ronald Numbers, a professor of the history of science from the University of Wisconsin, says "... THIS MOVEMENT HAS SPREAD IN A MUCH MORE POWERFUL MANNER ACROSS THE WORLD IN RECENT YEARS. OPPOSITION TO EVOLUTION IS GROWING APACE İN EUROPE,  and in my opinion a great many people are aware of this...”

Effective groups are behind these offensives, and with much hard work and use of the Internet they are engaging in activities aimed at repudiating the accepted facts about evolution... in 2006, the Turkish Muslim creationist author using the pen name Harun Yahya PUBLISHED A HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL WORK BY THE NAME OF THE ATLAS OF CREATION...

He has massive influence on anti-evolutionists. For example according to well-known French science magazine Science Actualités’ website, 92% of the readers do not believe in evolution. According to website of German  Die Welt Online, 86% of the readers share the same opinion. Ekstra Bladet readers deny Darwin’s theory of evolution in 80%. These works have been carried out in recent years and in the answers to the public surveys,    Darwin’s ideas on evolution and natural selection are being clearly denied.

2009-03-04 16:50:59

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