The Turkish-islamic Union is The Only Answer To The Palestinian Question

On 2 February, 2009, the Mehr News Agency, which publishes in 6 languages including Farsi, English, Turkish, Urdu, German and Arabic, carried an interview it had conducted with Adnan Oktar. (You can access the full text of the interview here.) Mr. Oktar’s proposed solution to the Palestinian question in the interview was as follows:
“The Qur’an shows the solution. Allah has shown it to us. But some Muslims are not concentrating on that solution. These scourges will always be around so long as they do not concentrate on that solution. Blood will flow in streams in the Islamic world and there will be terrible corruption. Muslims will suffer all kinds of pain and tribulations. The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union. … It is a sin for Muslims to be divided. It is a sin for Muslims not to unite. Muslims cannot be strong so long as that sin is still being committed. It is essential for Muslims to be united, a commandment from Allah. If Muslims unite, if they raise their desire for unification at every available opportunity, … the very subject will cease to be a problem. … For that reason, all Muslims must desire the Turkish-Islamic Union and pray constantly for it. They must seek Hazrat Mahdi (as) and speak of such things at lawful meetings and assemblies, put them on posters and discuss them in speeches. Allah will definitely bring the Turkish-Islamic Union about, and these are our prayers, insha’Allah.”
2009-03-23 23:04:39

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