Creationists in Europe Are increasingly Making Their Voices Heard

Spiegel Online, a leading German news portal attracting more than 90 million visits a month, raised the matter of belief in Creation in the words "Europe has its own hardcore creationists ... too. Increasingly, they are making their voices heard..." The report, titled "European Creationists Take On Darwin," described how the theory of evolution is increasingly losing support, even in Britain, the theory’s homeland, saying, "the majority of British have their doubts about evolution." 

The report also noted how the Council of Europe regarded Harun Yahya"s Atlas of Creation and its presence in schools as a threat.  Of course the Atlas of Creation is a threat to the Darwinist education system that had deceived Europe for a century and a half. Because the Atlas of Creation has been sufficient all by itself to reveal that evolution is a hoax and to bring the true facts into the light of day. Anyone reading the Atlas of Creation or just browsing a few pages can see the manifest evidence of Creation and immediately understand the truth. That is why Darwinists are right to fear the Atlas of Creation, although the book is spreading in unstoppable waves. One can see this effect with every passing day in Europe, in the rising numbers of believers in Allah and Creation

2009-04-24 16:20:55

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