Harun Yahya is The Global Leader Of Muslim Creationism

On 7 February, 2009, Le Monde, one of France’s best known dailies, carried an article titled “A Move against Religion.”  The report in the paper, which has a circulation of around 400,000, once again raised the impact in France of the Atlas of Creation, and described the reaction of French students to the theory of evolution being taught in classes:
Adam is described in the Qur’an as being created from earth, and the majority of Muslims believe that Adam and Eve existed in Paradise before coming to Earth. That is why the theory of evolution is seldom taught in Muslim countries. Even in France the great majority of young Muslims share that view and make the following statement when they learn about the theory of evolution in schools: “I AM WRITING WHAT THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION SAYS HERE, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE COURSE DEMANDS, BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE IT…”

Moving on to the subject of Creationism… HARUN YAHYA, the famous Turkish author of the Atlas of Creation distributed in France… THE GLOBAL LEADER OF MUSLIM CREATIONISM… 
An Islamic view to the effect that many scientific discoveries are written in the Qur’an has emerged in an intensive manner. One can come across such statements in French and English on the television, in books and on web sites. These popular opinions attract the interest of the young in particular… One senior political figure made the following statement during a conference in Algeria: “A significant number of researchers and scientists agree that their findings are also to be found in the Qur’an.”

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