Atlas Of Creation invades France

Islamonline, one of the most frequerntly visited Islamic web sites, carried an Arabic-language article titled “Atlas of Creation Invades France” by Amr Al-Menshawy. The article, dated 5 July, 2007, said the following about the powerful impact in France of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation:  
When they awoke early in the morning a group of French university and academy professors found in their mail boxes a large volume of the encyclopedia called the Atlas of Creation presented to them by the Turkish author Adnan Oktar, known by the name of Harun Yahya…  This was described as “AN EFFECTIVE ATTACK ON EVOLUTION” by the European press… The first part consisted of a scientific refutation of Darwinist claims about Creation on which education circles in many countries base themselves… 

Described as an “International Hero” in America’s New Scientist magazine for his endeavors to refute evolution, the author’s BOOK STEAMROLLERED OVER FRENCH ACADEMIES AND LED TO AN INTELLECTUAL EARTHQUAKE.  This stirred those Darwinists and materialists hostile to the fact of Creation into action and to their deciding to initiate a press campaign to have the government ban the book…

The Return of the International Hero

After a gap of nine years, Adnan Oktar suddenly began accepting French requests for meetings open to the public. During a press conference held on a luxury yacht on the waters of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the media concentrated on asking about the reasons for distributing the book in such an unaccustomed manner… 

Oktar’s elegant and calm replies were uncommon and revealed to have been specialy chosen. He said that after eliminating Darwinism in Europe he intended to spread his message globally by means of the Internet and having his books translated into more than 30 languages.

Sarcastically inviting the supporters of Darwinism to a press conference on the Eiffel Tower, he said that they should also bring with them the fossils to prove the kind of biological development of life on Earth that evolutionists claim… He clearly demonstrated that his desire was for all ideas and philosophies to be taught and for people predisposed to accepting the truth to be free to decide for themselves. He also emphasized that the book sent out was aimed at academics rather than at students. He went on to say that all students could in any case download a copy free of charge in just 20 seconds. Disregarding the efforts to prevent the book, he concluded by saying that the number of people from France visiting his web site had risen rapidly since the start of the crisis.

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