Indonesian Head Of State Refers To Harun Yahya"s Book "seeing Good in All"

On 15 Septemeber, 2008, Antara, the official Indonesian news agency, carried a report about a message to the Indonesian public from Head of State Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, taken from a book by Harun Yahya:

After quoting the saying “There is good even in evil,” he described how in his book “Seeing Good in All,” Harun Yahya says that some with elevated moral values will see good in everything.

The Indonesian Head of State had praised and recommended the works of Harun Yahya on previous occasions, and cited Harun Yahya’s work as a reference, calling on government officials and the Indonesian public to think positively, be optimistic and compete in doing good works. (The full report can be seen on the official state website.)

2009-09-07 23:58:53

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