Harun Yahya Preaches islam, Slams Darwin And Awaits Jesus

The English-language internet news agency Pakistan Daily carried a Reuters interview with Adnan Oktar on 23 August, 2009. Some of the author’s answers to questions regarding his intellectual struggle against Darwinism and the  Atlas of Creation are as follows:

“France has been widely known as being a strong country in atheism and materialism for a long time. That’s why we’ve given priority to France. In fact, the effect of my books in France have been dramatic and this is quite pleasing. We even see Nicolas Sarkozy changing his ideas.”

“Darwinism and materialism are at the root of all disasters. At the root of Masonism and fascism. Its destruction also meant the destruction of nationalism and fascism. This has been a very dramatic change before the coming of Jesus. This is also the destruction of Marxism.”

“The intelligent design system seems very insincere to me. It’s the product of a weak belief system. Everything was created by Allah and we have scientifically proven this.”

(You can read the full text of the interview here.)

2009-09-08 01:38:31

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