Darwin Must Be Accused Of Terrorism And Antisemitism

DARWINISM IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: Harun Yahya is very powerful in Turkey...

On 25 September, 2009, Dagbladet, Norway’s third-largest newspaper with a circulation of 150,000 and that has been published in the country ever since 1869, carried a wide-ranging report concerning Adnan Oktar and his Atlas of Creation. Some sections from the report concerning the global impact of Adnan Oktar’s activities read as follows:

OPPOSITION TO THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION IN CLASS HAS GROWN SIGNIFICANTLY,                the professor of biology and Darwinist author Richard Dawkins said in an interview with The Times in August that this oppposition mainly comes from Muslim students... Islamic Creationism has grown very much stronger.

THE CENTER OF ISLAMIC CREATIONISM is the “Science Research Foundation” in Istanbul, under the leadership of Harun Yahya. Real name Adnan Oktar. Under his pen name he says that the theory of evolution seeks to destroy people’s beliefs... He says that Darwin laid the groundwork for such people as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. He describes how racism, fascism and communism have their origins in Darwin’s theory.

HARUN YAHYA is highly respected in much of the Islamic world and appears in the media from Bosnia to Egypt. He criticizes Western materialism on such channels as Al-Jazeera and Press TV, on which he frequently emphasizes how anti-Semitism and terror are the products of Darwinism.

In terms of their appearance, all animals, plants and insects living today are identical to their fossilized forebears... (Harun Yahya) believes that the theory of evolution is in crisis because it has no known scientific support.

The Atlas of Creation, one of his most showy works... has also come into Richard Dawkins’s possession... Dawkins believes that the way so many people support Creationism in Britain stems from the influence of Muslims. 

A CREATIONIST MOVEMENT CONDUCTED THROUGH PUBLICATION IN TURKEY: According to a string of evidence that Harun Yahya produces in his book Atlas of Creation, Darwin’s theories are totally mistaken.

EXACTLY THE SAME: According to the Turkish ceationist Harun Yahya, who compares fossils with present-day life forms, animals alive today are identical to how they were when first created. He suggests that this 54-37-million-year-old fish has remained completely unaltered.  Reference: Atlas of Creation, BAV
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