Middle East Online – Darwinism"s Two Great Predicaments

Middle East Online, a web site published from Britain, carried a report containing extracts from an interview with Adnan Oktar conducted by the Iranian journalist Kourosh Zibari on 13 May, 2009. (You can read the full text of the interview here.)

Adnan Oktar was introduced as follows:

Inarguably, he [Harun Yahya] is the most influential non-political figure of his country and among the most significant scholars of the Islamic world.


ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism faces two great predicaments, the fossil record and its inability to account for how the first living cell appeared. Darwin himself also knew that the fossil record repudiated his theory. He admits in his Origin of Species that the fossil record cannot be explained in terms of evolution…

Allah is He Who is unfettered by any flaw or deficiency, He Who stands in need of nothing. For that reason, Allah has no need of any cause, or instrument or intermediary or stages in order to create. The fact that everything in the world is dependent on natural causes and laws must not deceive anyone. Allah, as the Creator, is entirely unfettered by any of these. Some people who fail to properly appreciate Allah’s sublime creative power and the artistry in His creation come up with extraordinary ideas such as “Islamic evolution.” When these people, who maintain that human beings developed through evolution, are asked how the angels and the djinn were created, their answer will be “Allah created them from nothing.” The way the Prophet Musa’s (as) staff turned into a snake with a digestive system when he cast it on the ground cannot be explained in terms of evolution. Neither can the way a piece of clay in the shape of a bird turned into a living bird and flew away when the Prophet ‘Isa (as) breathed on it be explained in terms of evolution. Nor can the resurrection on the Day of Judgment be explained in terms of evolution. The gardens of Paradise and the mansions in Heaven cannot be explained by evolution.

2009-10-12 23:25:16

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